Tell at a glance if a plot in Toxteth Park Cemetery has a headstone by using “Is There A Headstone?”
(This is an ongoing project and more will be added at a later dates)

Click on particular section below to see if an individual grave has a headstone present

If an individual is found in the main indexes, you can find out by (clicking on the appropriate section) if a headstone is present on that particular plot. Each plot is numbered by its appropriate Grave Number, whether a headstone is present, and any comments on the condition of that particular headstone. A KEY located at the top of each page to indicate what the letters mean.


A LEFT (completed)A RIGHT
B LEFT (completed)B RIGHT
C LEFT (completed)C RIGHT
D LEFT (completed)D RIGHT
E LEFT (completed)E RIGHT
F LEFT (partially completed)F RIGHT
G LEFT (partially completed)G RIGHT
H LEFT (completed)H RIGHT

More will be added as time allows